Master Elect picks his squad for 2017 season

Master Elect picks his squad for 2017 season

On 7th December the Reference Committee of the Spirit of Rugby Lodge No: 9922 welcomed new Master Elect, WBro. Matt Mitchell to their regular pre-installation “Huddle” at Whitstable Masonic Centre.  Matt was warmly congratulated on his selection as the second Master of the Lodge and was invited to present his list of officers for the year.

They are….

Senior Warden:Andy Stevens, Junior Warden:Bob Mitchell,

Chaplain:Richard Stoneham, Treasurer:John Blunt,

Secretary:Mike Gee, DC:David Tyler,

Almoner:Bill Higgins, Charity Steward:Kevin Kemp,

Mentor (and Membership Officer):Mark Costello,

Senior Deacon:Matt Jury, Junior Deacon: Chris Tooth,

ADC:Richard Carney, Organist:David Rands,

Asst. Sec (and Events Manager) Mark Lawson,

Inner Guard:Steve Jones,

Stewards:Scott Dymond, Matt Fothergill, Peter Hudson, Leigh Austin,

Clive Lang, Ron Thomas, Vic Higham, Paul Devon-Row, Wane-Mark Coveney,

Tyler: Bob Burns, 

Library & Museum:  Mark Bassant,

Chapter Liaison: John Hunter,

Communications: Damien Clothier. 

Report:  Richard Carney  Photo:  Mrs Mitchell