Below you find the latest news and reports of the activities of the Spirit of Rugby Lodge.

Match Reports

Master Elect picks his squad for 2017 season.

On 7th December the Reference Committee of the Spirit of Rugby Lodge No: 9922 welcomed new Master Elect, WBro. Matt Mitchell to their regular pre-installation “Huddle” at Whitstable Masonic Centre.  Matt was warmly congratulated on his selection as the second Master of the Lodge and was invited to present his list of officers for the […]


Beer Festival 2016.

The Spirit of Rugby Lodge No 9922 was formed with the intention of being more than just another special interest lodge. As well as being a working lodge, its stated aim was to reach out to the rugby community and to engage positively with local clubs and endeavour to project a positive image of Freemasonry. Not […]


2 new Academy signings.

The third Meeting of the Spirit of Rugby Lodge No 9922, was held at the St George’s Hotel, Chatham on Monday 21st November 2016. Almost 80 masons packed the temple to witness the double initiation of Dan Buckland and Gary Dean The meeting was interrupted after a short time with a message from the Hotel […]


First meeting of the Spirit of Rugby Lodge No 9922.

Unusually in the Usual Manner Visitors to the first meeting of the Spirit of Rugby Lodge No 9922 on 18th April were greeted “In the usual manner observed amongst sportsmen”. That is, with warm and hearty applause at the opening of the lodge. This was just one of many new “traditions” seen for the first […]