Lodge Insignia

Our Lodge insignia is based on the notion that there are clear parallels to be drawn between Freemasonry and Rugby. Both require teamwork, selflessness, reliance on others and a determination to win through in pursuit of a common cause.

At the top of the design is “The great canopy of heaven”, to indicate ” the universality of the science”, The seven stars in the sky allude to the minimum number of Freemasons required to make a Lodge “perfect”. It also happens to be the minimum number of players required to form a Rugby team.

The Glory in the centre symbolises the “Great Architect of the Universe” bringing light to mankind, the seven rays equating to “the seven liberal arts and sciences”.

Just as we select a WM every year to lead us towards our objectives, so the line out select one of their number to be elevated in pursuit of their common goal. The players in this design are symbolic of the Master and his two Wardens. Here the players are reaching not for a rugby ball but for “that great light which shines from above”. Their actions however, are grounded in the basic principles of Freemasonry which is why they are depicted standing on the squared pavement rather than a rugby pitch.

The players are wearing light blue shirts to emphasise the fact that this is a working Lodge, the primary purpose of which, is the initiation and development of young Freemasons.

The shape of the rugby posts reflects that of Jacobs Ladder, our path to higher things. Their exaggerated perspective gives the effect of looking upwards

The layout of the Lodge name is a Catenarian Arch, emphasising the Lodge’s links to and support of the Holy Royal Arch.

If one word describes this design it is ASPIRATION. Good men aspiring to higher values through teamwork, commitment and endeavour.