Regular Meeting Monday 21st November 2022

There are some fixtures which, on the face of it, can look pretty daunting. On a pretty bleak Monday night in November, you could be forgiven for asking – and to borrow from a quote often used in that lesser sport played with a round ball – “Can they do it on a cold, windy night in Gravesend”? The answer was an emphatic “YES” as the Spirit of Rugby pulled another great performance out of the bag at our meeting on Monday, for the raising of Bro Steve Chandler.

Bleak cold and windy

Our Skipper Tony was clearly focussed on the task in hand and, after a slightly shaky start where he almost forgot to extend the usual pleasantries to the away team, kicked things of in a steady fashion before passing to his fellow front-rower, the JW Matt F, to put the questions to Bro Steve. Despite only a handful of appearances so far, Bro Steve gave another impressive performance, answering everything asked of him with confidence and skill. Despite being drafted in at short notice to fill the slot on the team sheet as SD, WBro Derek Reed then commanded the midfield, taking Steve under his wing and guiding him through the next passage of play, making it look easy.

The skipper then shone as he took control of the next phase – even managing to incorporate some of the playing style learned at his “mother” club (!) – and put in a Captain’s performance in raising Bro Steve. Our player-coach (DC) Terry then put in a great shift delivering the Traditional History before the acting Secretary, Andy, wrapped up the third quarter with the tracing board and signs.

As the match neared its conclusion, the bench was emptied as the Finishers came onto the field of play – Wbros Mitchell, Owens, Collins & Hill who gave us the champagne moment of the day with a dazzling display of teamwork in their delivery of the Working tools – rightly pointed out as a highlight in the after match proceedings by the captain of the away team. Job done!

The after proceedings went off in their usual lively, fun fashion; sadly, from the point of view of our Charity Steward, all members were properly attired on this occasion so there were no fines to dish out. We did, however, manage to raise over £100 for our charity account and £215 for the community account which, as always, will help us to engage with Rugby clubs around the Province.

All I all, it was another hugely entertaining and enjoyable performance all round. We’re all looking forward to our next fixture in February when we’ll be Installing WBro Steve Jones as our WM – please do try to come along if you can to support our new Skipper!

Next fixture: Monday 20th February 2023, Tovil Masonic Centre, Maidstone.